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The #1 meditation and mindfulness mobile application with content in Romanian.

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A busy life never just turns around and disappears. Medusa aims to have a positive impact on the emotional wellbeing of the local population, by helping manage anxiety, lower stress and improve self-confidence. Being the first guided meditation app with content tailored in Romanian, this meditation app helps users reach relaxation while being guided in their native language.

Why use Medusa? Medusa

Being narrated by Dr. Viorel Lupu, one of the most renowned specialists in hypnosis, Medusa is a self-care app with content based on years of study and research in Psychology.

With the help of easing colors, uplifting visuals, and relaxing artboards, we built a streamlined user experience that opens up a journey focused on creating a calm and mindful environment for the mind and the body.

A few minutes of meditation a day help you stay more focused, ease depression symptoms, cope with anxiety and improve self-confidence.

Technology Customer support

Accelerated and built by Wolfpack Digital Labs, Medusa App comes with a set of features designed to visualize topics for mindfulness exercises, play specific recordings and showcase artwork designs. For the first version of the app, all features were developed using XCode/Swift, Android Studio/Kotlin, Ruby on Rails, Adobe Photoshop & Sketch.

The Narrator Microphone
Viorel lupu
Dr. Viorel Lupu
Chief/Senior Psychiatrist
Dr. Viorel Lupu is one of the most renowned Romanian specialists in hypnosis. He is the Associate Professor, MD., Ph.D., at “Iuliu Hațieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, and is a specialist in Child and Adult Psychiatry and Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapies.
The Team Team

This self-care app is built by a team of top developers from Europe that has successfully combined skills in pixel perfect design, start-to-end app development followed by scientific research in Psychology.

Gina lupu
Gina Lupu
Product Strategist
Andi nicolescu
Andi Nicolaescu
Product Owner
Gabi matko
Gabriel Matko
Mobile Developer
Alexandra nastase
Alexandra Nastase
UI/UX Designer